We've tried to answer as many of your questions as we can. If there is any question and you can't find the answer here, please feel free to contact us at contact@thesutibakeshop.com


Are there minimum order?

Yes. It is $50 worth of products.


How long do the products last?

Our products last typically for 3-5 days.


How should I store the products?

Always cover them very well or put them into airtight containers. Do not put them in the fridge, only if it specified by us via the confirmation/delivery email. Do not put into direct sunlight.


What products are dairy free?

All of our products contains dairy at this stage.


What products are egg free?

All of our products contain eggs at this stage.


What products are gluten free?

All of our products contain gluten at this stage..


What products are nut free?

All our products are nuts free.


How do I pay?

After you get your invoice, please pay by bank transfer to the specified bank account within 7 days.

How much notice do you need to give for orders?

Please place orders at least 3 days prior chosen delivery date.


Do you do delivery?

Yes. However we can not deliver all around Sydney. Please check our delivery policy


Do you sell or hire out cupcake stands/towers?

No, sorry. There is no option for that.

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